24 x 24 update

Wednesday, July 14, 2010
major setbacks:
week of july 4th i did ok managing to run a couple of days while staying at my sister's house but the way i was eating that week was unacceptable. plus my sis' bday was that week and whenever she goes all out, i go right with her. we're enablers that way.

from then, ive touched the treadmill 1 time. that was yesterday. thought i was gonna be back to it this morning but i was up for hours when the thunderstorms woke me up. all that trouble going back to sleep, plus my mind racing in frustration about dumb stuff has me in no mood to run. plus it's super cloudy outside so this might be a sleepy day.

i'd gain back all (3 whole pounds) that i'd lost. i can't blame it all on being at sis' house. i'd been knocking back a few sodas and a couple of beers. then i went over my friend's house twice and demolished white wine. her neighbors made an apple cranberry cobbler and i pigged out on that plus the pasta salad my friend made. i was carbing it up.

right now im at 168. i need to be at 150 by my bday which i feel is reasonable. i cant remember my starting weight so it wont be exactly 24 by 24 anymore. i think for it to be 24, i would have to be at 148 or something. i'll take 150. havent seen that since high school/freshman year of college. for reference, 150 was a size 10 for me. maybe an 8 b/c im a 12 now and i have some things i can fit that are size 10.

3 thought(s):

Hillerie Camille said...

That's a great way to set a goal. I might have to come up with something like that for myself. Keep it up, you can do it.

T said...

Maybe try to eat everything you like, like don't deny yourself, but just get a little. Get a small plate and put a dollop of goodness on it, indulge in that goodness, then be done with it.

I'm still on my workout grind. So far I've clocked three 30-minute workouts this week. I think that's all I have in me. I haven't lost any weight because I eat like food is going out of style, but I haven't gained any either.

You still have three more days this week to beat me. #BeOnThat

antithesis said...

thanks, hillerie!

T, i fail today because i had to get up and figure out where i was going for this temp assignment. i need to work on my commitment to this. i really want the clarisonic i promised myself!