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Saturday, July 10, 2010
i had to take a mandatory career counseling course for my masters. insert bbm 'not interested' face here. i was interested in the topic but the course itself was not what i expected. one of the requirements was to plan out our career goals. um, everyone here wants to be a counselor. that's why we're taking this course. there was some variation like some wanted to be in schools and others in rehab and others general mental health providers but we are all lumped together so...yea. that was annoying.

i was half-way bs'ing when i put in my...let's call it a proposal but the professor was calling it something else i cant remember...that i wanted to do freelance make up. all bs aside, that is an interest of mine but i want to do it SUPER freelance. like, "oh, you goin to prom? gimme $10 and i got you". i know real freelance artists would get pissed at how low im selling myself for. i know for a fact because i read a blog entry on that very topic. but i cant see myself charging astronomical prices when 1. i have no credentials/portfolio and 2. anyone can hit up the mac counter at a dept. store and get it all free (in the free-standing stores they want a $50 purchase). i guess one might say they would be paying for the convience, indivualized attention, etc. but whatever. i hope to have a real 9-5 so what i make doing make up wont make or break me.

i need to do some additional research about how to break into this business. i know that most importantly, i need to get some practice in and that would require building my kit. look! im using lingo! i mean i have plenty of brushes and make up for ME and MY face but im not putting that on other human beings. i really need to figure out how im going to get mac to hire me. i know they require strong retail experience which i simply do not possess. sorry but ive been in school all my life (we covered this in a previous post) and i swear i dont remember dates of those positions held in summers in retail. plus they were so long ago.

anyone know who i can get into doing this here and there? who's already in the business? i know it would help if i could get some pics from my brother's wedding. that would be a great start to my portfolio. ive already done a bride!

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T said...

you know, I had no advice because I'm so lackluster in the side gig arena. Like yeah, I do weddings, but I don't really feel like pubbing it. If you're getting married, let me know and I got you for a nominal fee. LOL!

Honestly though, I say just talk to other make-up artists. No need to tell them you plan on lowballing their prices, just get their advice and go from their. Entrepreneurs love to help each other.