sleeping over

Sunday, July 25, 2010
i dont like it. i dont mean to be rude but i like to be in my OWN bed. i wrote a year or two ago about what would happen if i did get married. one major point was that if he snores, he's earned himself his very own room. but my aversion to sleeping beside someone else goes beyond that.

whenever im in the bed with another person, i feel restricted. i know ive grown out of sleeping super wild, but i still move around a bit. if someone is in the bed, i know i didnt move all night because i wake up where i went to sleep and my body doesnt feel rested. i feel stiff.

i know i explained to this boy about the snoring thing and if i get married but we both were drinking and i dont know about anyone else's drunk memory but mine. actually, his regular memory is probably automatically faulty because he's a dude. anyway, i never told him that i dont really like sleeping over.

one thing is i still live w/ my parents and if i dont come home, a search party will get started. my mom has a history of finding her children in places she's never even been and had no way of knowing the phone number or address. she needs to put those skills to work for her some sort of way but i guess she doesnt care about finding randoms not related to her.

another thing is, the dude sometimes does not have his own spot. yea, your mom or whoever u live w/ is out late or out for the night but she's coming home. And how would i look to her spending the night in her house with her son or whoever you are to her? i shouldn't look like anything since she had just finished doing the same thing but that's not how older people think. furthermore, even if we did the same thing, a major thing is she and the dude had their OWN spots. how our young asses gonna be shackin in someone else's place? that seems dumb.

maybe im over thinking this. maybe this is me being picky as hell in an area that doesnt even call for it. but since i dont know those people that well, i have no idea what impression they may have of the situation. and the fact that i dont know your mom or whoever that well is further indication to me that i shouldnt just be lounging around her spot to be seen when she wakes up/comes home.

what is wrong with people?

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