lab-created booty

Tuesday, July 27, 2010
i love seeing body transformations as a result of diet/exercise. for instance, when i lost those 30 ish lbs and i started to have a neck? yes! or when those super gross-looking stretch marks started to fade from my middle region? woah buddy!

yesterday, i walked past the mirror in the bathroom at my temporary work site and i was like "where'd that come from?" my posterior was more pronounced than im used to. i really first noticed it friday night while wearing my maxi dress but i'd also been drinking so i assumed i was imagining things. not really.

and this came from running. im sure of it because i really do not do anything else. as i was explaining to my best blogger turned real life friend, it makes perfect sense. my sister and i have flat bottoms and my brother has a defined booty. why? because he was always an active kid and athlete and he ran track for some years. i must not have run for long enough because there was nothing in my jeans the couple years i participated.

but yea, things are quite different now that im older. im no angel lola luv or melyssa ford but i can appreciate my minimal gains if no one else can. now if i can figure out an exercise-induced breast lift, i'll really be winning!

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T said...

*Nelly voice* Girl, I think my butt getting big. LOL!