why I comment

Thursday, July 29, 2010
notice, i said I. im talking about my reasons. what you do is your business and i wont judge you. reading and keeping your silence is just as good as speaking up and sharing your two cents.

1. i have stuff to say- i normally dont go around commenting for the sake of commenting. i actually have an opinion on the topic discussed, i have a question, or i just feel like sharing

2. i like being acknowledged- i love a blogger who replies to all comments (or at least tries to). even if i dont get a direct reply, i like seeing that people got responded to and not just one or two folks who the blogger is friends with.

3. it brings people to my blog- the only reason i have the 5 people who i know read this blog now is probably because at some point in the very beginning i said something on their blog or the blog of someone they follow that interested them enough to see what im all about. i also know, for me, that is just one of the ways i stumble across new blogs to follow.

4. i like to talk shit- i like to rant, complain, and poke fun at stuff and if you provide an open forum for me to do so, i will take advantage.

5. i like to win stuff- sometimes getting free stuff is as simple as leaving a comment on someone's blog.

6. i like to be supportive- i think one of the most supportive things you can do for a blogger is to let them know you're out there. i comment on well-established bloggers' posts because sometimes when you're huge, you get a bunch of entitled ass followers who are rude as hell and extra demanding like they're you. i just like to throw some kindness in the mix and remind them that there are still people who exist who realize that they're human!

so why do you comment?

3 thought(s):

SunSoakerB said...

I comment when I'm the blogger asks a question and I think I have a meaningful contribution. Also to give encouragement. I usually don't comment if I have nothing that makes sense to say or if the blogger already has lots of comments, I feel like mine won't make a difference.

Product Junkie Diva said...

ohhhhhhh I like this post very much, as I do all of your posts. OK i comment because:
1) Sometimes I feel the need to get my two cents in.
2)I like to support others
3)I want a prize..lol (though I only comment for a prize on blogs that I read regularly- i except for that one time on this woman's blog but I digress)
4)I like to be encouraging-
We pretty much have similar reasons for commenting.
Extra credit- And sometimes I don't comment because I'm reading on my cell and sometimes it can be annoying to comment from my phone. Also I know that communicating online has its challenges i.e. you can't see facial expressions etc. and I can be sarcastic ( never hurtful though...unless well ok) and I don't want my comment to be taken the wrong way so I keep quiet.
Sometimes I'm late getting to a post and I think too much time has passed for me to make a comment.
OK i could go on and on..lol.
Have a good weekend.

T said...

Bill Bellamy voice "I comment because I got shit to say out here."

Also, because I know what it feels like to not get any comments on a post. It's like dang, I didn't 'cause ANY one to want to log in and say something. And that sucks. (Of course, I've learned that many people are reading and just don't have anything to say and that's ok too).