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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Brown Girl Gumbo said: I'd like to read about your thoughts about the current state of R&B & hip-hop music.

i call the crap that comes on the radio my "guilty pleasures". honestly, some of the stuff is funny. when stuck in traffic, i like singing horrible r&b songs at the top of my lungs. and when there's crappy rap on the radio, i like to laugh at the lyrics and act silly while refraining from cursing out ignorant georgia driver #675. 

and that is all that "music" (term used loosely here) is good for. i would never purchase, allow the playing of in front of my nieces, or in anyway support the artist perpetuating the ignorance the spews in a catchy form.  

i have one of those radio transmitters in my car so i can listen to my ipod full of GOOD music and i have CDs. i am guilty of downloading some of said ignorant songs and they do take up space on my ipod. that is because i'm not going to sit through 30 min of song that i just plain hate just to hear the few that make me laugh. 

 lyricism is DEAD. r&b used to be poetic and now it's just "whatever i can rhyme with 'baby'". 

in short, the craft of rap has gone down and any girl who is decent to look at can get a record deal "singing" r&b. but, of course, there are exceptions. 


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Product Junkie Diva said...

Boy oh do I agree with you. The overall quality had taken a hit. If you are cute, you get a record deal. If you want to talk about killing, some negative topic then you get a deal as a rapper. Too bad that many kids today will grow up thinking what they see if actually good. I also agree that my young relatives will not be listening to that mess, at least not while I am around.
Product Junkie Diva

Don said...

lyricism is DEAD. r&b used to be poetic and now it's just "whatever i can rhyme with 'baby'". hahaha. so true. gotta love the old school for making music and writing lyrics that a listener can actually relate to, and feel.

lupe fiasco said, "it's coming back around. back to the lyrics."

*fingers crossed*

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Thanks so much for answering my question! I feel so honored! :-)

I couldn't agree with you more. I can listen to the ridiculous stuff just to laugh at it. However, I seriously would NEVER purchase it and don't want the young kids in my family to listen to such filth and garbage.

@Don - I hope you're right because my playlist is getting smaller and smaller.

antithesis said...

@ PJD- someone has to take responsibility. i dont care if they say they hear it with their parents, they won't with me.

@Don- some people hate riding in the car with me or listening to my itunes. they are like "how old are you? how do you even know this song?" they probably pity me but i'm the one who feels sorry for them; this ignorance is all they know.

@BGG- you are welcome. i'm glad i was able to actually reflect and put into words my sentiments.