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Friday, April 4, 2008
School Without Walls Senior High School has closed

thats what i thought for about 5 minutes due to some misinformation from a frie
nd. my high school, of which i have both fond and not-so-fond memories, is merely being renovated. LONG OVERDUE, but whatev's. it took some private funding in exchange for their parking lot to get it done because clearly, DCPS has limited funds. THANK YOU, Bush Administration. so anyway, first i was thinking they straight just closed it. then i got info. from the DCPS site that they moved it and i calmed down a little but i was still like "that's wack". finally, good ol' wikipedia told me that it was a temporary move in order for the school to be renovated and they'd be back. 

thank you, GWU, for your generosity but...where are the teachers supposed to park? and please don't think this is some underhanded way to acquire the building completely. i know it's smack in the middle of your campus and all but 
guess who else will be all up IN the foggy bottom section of the city? ME (remember? u admitted me so it's your fault) and you can count on me and my big brother throwing a FIT if you try to take our school away. 

so yea, you're wondering what the hell is a School Without Walls? well after four years of guys saying "that's aiight, you don't have to tell me what school you go to. can i still call you?", i'm really not about to go through that explanation in depth. it's a public high school in Washington DC. 

this is embarrassing:
my girl, tiara, was able to duck out of the photo. lucky her! im guessing this was senior year in the art room. 

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Product Junkie Diva said...

Aww you look so cute in that pic Antithesis. Well I'm glad your school is not closing down. I have fond memories of my HS days....oh to be a youngling in HS again....
Product Junkie Diva

Don said...

lol @ what the guy would say

Like how you are concerned with your school. Good deal.

Rich said...

Loving your city. I'm going to go exploring some more today. I have a little history here -- lived here in 73/74 - I'll probably do a post about it when I get back. Wish you were here and not the ATL, it would have been nice to meet you.

antithesis said...

@don- that was a direct quote,lol. some people...

@rich- i would have loved to be able to attend the event you were hosting. you have to come back later this summer.

yummy411 said...

whew you scared me for a moment. although i went to banneker, walls was is one of the few quality schools left around. thank goodness it's being renovated only!