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Wednesday, April 2, 2008
so i can stop!

i don't know what it is about me that attracts people, specifically men, who i am not interested in. and it's not me being shallow or egotistic. it's just nothing impresses me about men who are loud. i'm loud, what do i need with your boisterous self? plus something is just odd about you yelling in hallways in a place of business no matter how informally constituents may present themselves (see post entitled "SMH").  AND you did this on two separate occassions. im so sorry, but i'm not that serious. i'm just not. bringing me to my next point. there is something not very genuine about a man who is just SO "in" to me, especially when i do not reciprocate. finally, how do you tell someone "no, i dont want to hug you. i don't know you. i prefer not to be touched" politely? i dont even know if i'm obligated to be polite when there are unwanted advances being made toward me. 

ignore the fact that they eventually dated but focus on what happened in this scene

so how does a man gain my interest? uh...i couldn't tell you that. not because i think someone would see this and feign possessing the enumerated qualities, but rather because i don't know. that is not really an area of focus for me right now. additionally, my wants, interests, likes, and dislikes will be different at any given time that you ask me. ugh, and honestly i am still very mad at all men. yes, i am generalizing to all based on the acts of few, or many depending on how you look at it....

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Don said...

something not very genuine about a man who is just SO "in" to me, especially when i do not reciprocate. I completely understand what you mean. I like women who actually give me time to like them. Agressiveness scares me. lol.

Why are you mad @ all men?

antithesis said...

@don- check your email.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey Antithesis
First of all I am still LOL at this guy yelling in the hallways.
And about all the hugging stuff you can say " Personally I prefer handshakes at work, not hugs." However this may give him the impression that if he sees you outside of work it is a green light on the hugs. Maybe you can say "you really do like hugs don't you? I really don't so maybe we can find a happy medium." OK maybe that one was too harsh...lol
Let me know what you come up with.
Product Junkie Diva

Rich said...

Men pursue, that's what we do, and looking at your photo, you're definitely attractive, so from a man's perspective "what's not to like". Unless you prove to be crazy or something, we usually judge the book by the cover initially.

cute - check
nice body - check
looks intelligent - check
doesn't seem stuck up - check

That's the initial check list in a nutshell. Once you allow us to get to know you, we dig deeper (some of us) but initially, it's all about the presentation.

** I know this is my first time through your spot, but I noticed you were in the D.C. area, so I'd like to invite you and your friends out to a booksigning Monday from 6 - 9pm, Utopia Restaurant and Art Gallery. I'm married and wifey will be attending, so this isn't a lame attempt at a come on. I'm always genuine. Anyway, go here for details.


Some of us bloggers put a book together. Your boy Don even has a poem in the book. Oh, and there will be free food, so bring friends.

antithesis said...

@ rich- i didnt take it as a week come-on. unfortunately, im not back home just yet. i still owe spelman 5 credits that they somehow pulled out of the air b/c ive fulfilled all their lame requirements. but i'll be home officially in MAY (yay, me!). keep me posted on more events. congrats on being married. not everyone can do that.

@ productjunkiediva- my initial response was going to be to take off running when i saw him but 1) thats below even my maturity level and 2) that would only be funny to me one time.

T said...


What you could do is 1) when they reach to hug, pull back like you were about to do a backbend, and extend your arm for a handshake. It'd be awkward at first, but you both would laugh afterwards.


2) Don't reciprocate the hug and act like they really wrinkled up your clothes. Then fix your clothes and give them and O.K. face. Guarantee they won't hug you any more after that.

They may also use some expletives to describe you, but hey, that's the price we pay for being honest.

KreativeMix said...


Rich said...

We'll be in the ATL in June!!

antithesis said...

BLAST, i just cant get right. ill be in DC permanently then. And HOPEFULLY, i'll be working!