things i'll do when/if i have kids

Monday, April 7, 2008


i will not take my small child(ren)/infant(s) to movies 1. starting after 7 pm and 2. that are not for children. when you have kids you have to make that sacrifice that you might not be able to go to the movie as soon as it comes out or on opening night. nobody wants Screamtisia poppin' off in their ear while they are trying to listen to Denzel talk extra hard about something ( i love me some Denzel, though. he just enunciates really well). furthermore, subject matter in films are not appropriate unless they are geared toward kids and even then, it can be questionable. also, movie theaters are germ-y as crap! there wont be all too many trips to the theater in the first place. until they build up some serious antibodies, we'll be watching dvds at home or maybe by the time i have kids they will actually just be plugging movies into their brains and they can watch it like a dream or something (no stealing my idea if nobody is already working on that).


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Product Junkie Diva said...

Again I am on the same page with you. When I have a child I am certain that people will think I am overprotective and maybe overboard but I could care less, I will be so protective of my little one. Theaters are filthy and as you mentioned the content of some movies, even those geared toward kids, is not something I want my little bean watching.
Well I guess my kid will get used to putting on little productions in our living
Product Junkie Diva

T said...

LMAO @ "(I love me some Denzel, though. he just enunciates really well).

Don said...

You just had to sneak in some love for Denzel. lol.

This post reminds me of a Prince song, where he sang..."Don't let your children watch television until they know how to read. Cause all they'll know how to do is cuss, fight, and bleed. No child is born bad. They only imitate their atmosphere."

Prince spoke the truth.

With that said, I only allowed my daughters to watch kiddie stuff.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I couldn't agree more!! I can't wait until I become a parent!! There are so many things that I plan to do when I do have kids. I just hope that I actually follow-through and carry them out. I am not going to let the TV babysit my children. Another thing is that I'm not going to let my young children listen to the inappropriate garbage (hopefully it will have improved by then) that's on the radio!!! I could go on and on about my dreams of raising kids!

Just_Wondering said...

I totally agree with not bringing my child to the movies. These days it seems that children are exposed to a lot more and I'm so surprised at how much they are taking in. I happen to work with kiddies between the ages of 3-5yrs and they listen to inappropriate music and just recently during a play activity a child stopped playing to watch my co-workers behind as she got something off a shelf! He looked at her from head to toe! I was horrified because he's 4.

I'd really like my kids to stay as young as possible for as long as they can.