RE-POST from 4/12/08: in this club

Monday, September 13, 2010
things i don't like about the club in atlanta:

1. $20 to get in 'cause my friends are slow for no reason/indecisive/the club is extra wack if you get there too early-sometimes we get in free after 12 (thanks J) which is cool, i guess.
2. girls who wear outfits that are unattractive simply b/c they are most revealing- doesn't have have much to do with me, but i just don't enjoy looking at it. not only are you some naked woman, i can't steal style tips from you.
3. friends who try to get free drinks off of guys they have no interest in and somehow get me involved in the fiasco- i prefer to purchase my own drinks. i don't want to feel obligated to give you any time from my life because you just spent $12 on some watered down alcohol. maybe i should not feel like i do about it but i do and what i feel does not feel good.
4. watered down, over-priced drinks.
5. your father still in the club and trying to dance with me- do you even know the songs they are playing unless they play throwbacks? and if you do, exactly why?
6. my ears ringing well into the next day.
7. calories due to consuming sugary drinks and then wanting to go eat before and after.

things i dont like about the club in DC/MD/VA:

1. numbers 2-7- ive never had to pay $20 to get in a club in the area. usually i don't pay anything or it' s like $5 all night. also, at home, NO MAN is gonna buy you a drink so stop trying!
2. people not accepting my ID. when i turned 21 i did not switch my ID, so it's still vertical. i didnt switch b/c i dont want to donate $40 to the district for an ID that won't expired until 2010 (that's how they get you). so although i am clearly 21 and the ID is authentic, some lames will not honor it.
3. i don't go home to my own apartment; i go to my parents' house- they don't sleep until i walk in the door (i'm the baby), so at 4, 5 or even 6 am i have to be questioned about what and how much i had to drink, what specific bar i went to, which of my friends were there, what was the bartender's name, what was the DJ's name, approximately how many people were in attendance and what their names were...
4. i HAVE to go home and not sleep at a friend's house because of #3
5. this story: one night this winter, i planned to go grab a drink with a friend i met at spelman who happened to be from DC. she and i met up in adams morgan and checked out a couple of bars. since there was no cover, we would leave if we didnt like how it was. we settled on one bar that she promised would get interesting as the night progressed. it did not. the bartender befriended us and though i had only purchased one drink, i ended up consuming several (honestly 7-10). she said she would get my drinks and he charged her for like 4 out of 20 between the two of us. no, i should not have had that much to drink and THEN decide to drive home but i did. GOD made sure i was the only one on the road and the worst thing i did was accidentally run a red light. anyway, i get home and do the best parking job ever!!!! and my key isn't working. mind you, my key is a copy of a copy so it has the tendency to not work especially in the coldest part of the winter. so my mom is awake and comes to open the door. i say "my key isn't working" and she tries it and it doesn't work for her either. my dad is as the top of the stairs "yea, keys tend not work when you're DRUNK AS SHIT" and is laughing. my dad doesn't curse at me unless he is extremely angry which is never or he thinks he is being funny. when i finally wake up at 4pm the next day, my dad is still talking about it, "Regina, did you see how drunk you daughter was last night?". then my brother comes home because the previous night was his birthday and he was probably doing much worse things than I, and my father says "hey Will, you missed it. Ashley, tell your brother how DRUNK you were". me: "no one thinks you're funny..." then these people take me to my grandmother's house and leave out details but say i didnt come home until 4 am. then i have to hear grandma's thoughts but luckily she was disinterested/distracted. so then that wasn't enough because we go to my favorite uncle's house whose response was in my favor and makes me a drink from his bar in his basement. i know what i did was bad but it just set the stage for everytime i go out at home from now on.

what i like about the club:
nothing, really. it's where my friends want to go and there is little else we can do at night because we don't plan and we often have different interests and/or budgets.

what did i leave out?

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Product Junkie Diva said...

It is good that you dont want to feel obligated to anyone...keep it up.
Your family waiting up for you-too cute, reminds me of my family.
Product Junkie Diva

Ananda said...

the story about your family and the drunk night was priceless. they care.

T said...

That's too funny about your parents waiting up for you. I have friends with similar stories. Fortunately I had the coolest parents ever (after I went to college). I lived in the basement and they pretty much forgot I was there most times, so it didn't really matter what time I came in (or if I came home at all). It was a pretty cool housing situation. :)

antithesis said...

my brother had the basement spot. when he gets his house (hopefully at the end of this summer). i will probably move down there or live with him. it wont matter where i am b/c my parents will just blow up my cell. i'm really starting to believe i'm the fav...

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Funny post!!!

I sooooo agree with you about those sugary calorie-laden drinks!! Going out and having a couple drinks can really add the pounds!!

Oh and I hate the club too - even though I'm 27, I never really enjoyed it when I was young and single.

allienicole said...

oh man. another reason why i hate the club: dudes thinking you are SPRUNG on them if you dance with them for one song!! And since when did "no I don't have a boyfriend" (especially when said with a stank face!) translate into "I want to date you"