my bday is saturday

Thursday, September 30, 2010
on 10/02, i turn 24! still doesn't sound right. i haven't even gotten used to telling people i'm 23. i also haven't gotten used to being asked how old i am. RUDE! you ask teenagers and people who hold up fingers and say "this many". don't ask someone how old they are, especially if you're in a semi-professional setting like um...a counselor training clinic at your local university and your counselor-in-training has just gone over the limits of confidentiality and asks if you have any questions. very specific but it's rude and makes me question your intelligence because it was written and verbally communicated to you that master's level students work in the clinic so what were you expecting? your grandmother? ANYWAY...i'm over that but i was just recently thinking about that and how awkward that was but um that's not what this post is about. it's about gifts!

here's what you could (but won't) get me for my 24th:

1. an hermes coloring book- im not playing on twitter when i say i want this $120 coloring book. shut up judging me.

2. digital camera- my 6 year old camera is done. it was too fat to be carried without being embarassed about how old it was in the first place.

3. car wash and detail- stewie looks like he took a trip through the mountains all because i park right underneath a tree pretty much every day of his life.

4. spa package- could really use a mani/pedi/massagei'll be treating myself to this!

5. cash

6. a new laptop or at least new memory for my current one- i blame @booskee9 for all the music he sends me

7. a credit card payment/student loan payment

8. kevin hart dvds

9. a new wallet- old one falling apart at the seems, literally

10. pair of black skinny jeans- my mom put the ones i have in the washer machine

11. spelman hoodie and alumna tee- my current collection is becoming FADED and im feeling my alumna status so yea...

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T said...

Glad you had a fab birthday. LMAO at washer machine!!!