a guide for college students

Monday, September 6, 2010
T asked for my advice to college students. my sentiments are simple: your experience is what you make it. make mistakes, get in (a little) trouble, make friends, enjoy being dirt poor and having someone else foot the bill, do your part and get a part-time job, fall in love, fall out of love, join clubs, go to parties, take leadership positions, fight with your roommate, make up with your roommate, fail a course. ok, maybe not that last one. but honestly, i feel like i did all of that and more that i cant remember. i went SOMEWHERE on every spring break except when i got my wisdom teeth taken out. i had adventures (read i got lost a lot). i learned how to be on my own but still knowing i had a fallback with my family. everyone's college experience is unique but everyone would agree that no other time in their life was like it. best wishes!

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