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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

i had a chance to dine at the Top Chef Masters contestant Art Smith's capitol hill restaurant. the visit was unplanned as i stopped by a friend's office after a job interview and her boss, another friend, asked if i was going with her. i knew nothing of the event but that's how friends are, right? friends also respond saying "she can't afford it". im glad she knows what's in my account in this instance but seems not to be too concerned any other time but ok. whatever because i went. i'll keep my being offended to myself if it means to try a new upscale restaurant without laminated menus. plus, im not really mad i wasnt invited. ive been included on other things.

and my holding my tongue paid off because her mom paid for my meal. would not have mattered because i could, in fact, afford it but whatever. im glad because it was not all that. the waiter recommended the spicy shrimp for me, my friend got the same. her mom and coworker got fried chicken and mashed potatoes. coworker's daughter got a turkey burger and fries. other coworker got ribs and greens. nothing looked especially appetizing and my meal was just ok so im glad i didnt pay. 3.50 for a sprite with no refills? i was less than thrilled. i didnt take pics. sorry. we were late and i was around folks i was only meeting for the second time. everyone reported that they were disappointed in how everything was seasoned.

the menu was not extensive and nothing particularly stuck out. i did see some sizzling macaroni and cheese go by me and wished i would have ordered that. the atmosphere was nice as we dined alongside capitol hill staffers and the like. oh, i have to mention that the restaurant is inside the Liason hotel. the front desk is connected to the restaurant by a small lobby and i guess the restroom is shared. on the way to the restroom, we saw that the hotel was offering complimentary "welcome drinks". the shot glass-full of punch was nice, i guess.

there's nothing i want to go back for but im glad i tried it.

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mrstdj said...

We visited this past spring and we're very impressed either. With all the fabulous restaurants in DC, we definitely won't be back unless there's a menu overhaul and I start to hear good things.

Product Junkie Diva said...

lol @ restaurant without laminated menus...hahahaha.

T said...

This restaurant looks super cute! Even though you said it's no good I almost want to try it so I can sit in this atmosphere with the type of people you described?

Question: I don't watch top chef and all that. Who was the owner/chef. What was the theme of the restaurant? Southern? Soul Food? Southern/American fusion? #putmeon

And it sucks that it didn't taste good. That's a bummer.