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Tuesday, September 14, 2010
T asked my to talk about trends that i love and those i hate. um, im an advocate of "do you" but there are just some things i dont like seeing. let's start with those.


...anything with your underpinnings showing. just because your bra straps are clear doesn't mean i can't see that shit. also NO ONE ever needs to see your thong. im over them. im sick of classic white/off-white and i do not appreciate black tips, turquoise or any other shade of hideous on the tips of your nails.

...leggings as pants. the first time leggings were in (i was in elementary), my mother made sure my shirt covered my butt. it's a rule i continue today. it's rule you should adopt today. i see your unshapely thighs and i see your underwear. do better. not to mention your gut hanging over the front.

...harem pants. those are disgusting. dont know how else to describe them

...rompers. only a few people can pull them off. a good 5% of the population. unfortunately, the other 95% are the ones wearing them.

...bad weaves. bitches aren't even trying anymore. they pride themselves on getting the tackiest, most unrealistic, plastic-looking weaves. shit looks like it stinks. #stopit #nolacefronts

...LV purses. no one else will agree with me but i dont care. i dont give a fuck how much they cost, they look cheap. i frown at people with patent leather ones. just doesnt look like real leather. i thought maybe the ones i was seeing on the street were all knockoffs so in atl, i went to the store. no, they looked horrible to me in there, too. never ever saw one i wanted. i always think, maybe next season. nope.

...all neon everything. makes me want to throw nickelodeon GAK on you. yea, i referenced that 90s toy because that's the era the crap you wear belongs in.


...a bad heel. give your outfit a pop of OUTRAGEOUS color or wear a demure nude. im into it. ignorant bold lip. neutral eye makeup and tastefully applied face makeup paired with a shocking hue on the lips is a winner in my book.

...solid, cream nail polish. go any color you want if there's no design.

...boyfriend jeans. i haven't seen anyone look bad in this style of jean. probably because they are not meant to be tight. "MESSAGE" #dontbeamenace...

...bustier dresses. nothing i'd ever wear because i have boobies, but the cut of those dresses looks cute on flatter chested women. im not talking about stuff that is interchangeable with bedroom wear. im just talking about the cut/style. they're normal dresses with a well-defined bodice. i imagine you get them from urban outfitters.

...bermuda shorts. i will forever love these because i can't see the dark part of anyone's booty who wears 'em.

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T said...

I agree with you on all but one. I'm not a fan of bermuda shorts. It takes me to a place in the 90s that I don't want to go.

I hate bad weaves too. I watch TV like are we supposed to think that's her real hair or is weave just acceptable as fake now. I don't get it.

I like rompers too. My butt's not big enough to successfully pull them off though, so I haven't tried. Nothing like a flat booty in a one piece. Um #NoThankYou