im probably not black

Friday, September 17, 2010
nope, im not black. not stereotypically at least. and that's what matters because race is socially constructed. we all bleed the same blood and shit. anyway, here's why i might not be your average black chick.

1. i dont think music is just hiphop/rap/r&b. i know that words to those journey songs and i will sing them louder than you and your friends

2. i dont tie my hair up every single night. i have a satin pillowcase because that is just the kind of lazy i am

3. relaxer every 6-8 weeks? try 6-8 months. im on some twice a year ish

4. i dont like ribs. i'll eat them if there's nothing else but there's usually something else

5. i dont like fried chicken. i'd much rather have it baked

6. the movie love jones did nothing for me

7. the coldest winter ever is on my list of worst books ever read

8. my name is Ashley. to me, that is the whitest name ever. if i google myself all kinds of white bitches come up. the chick with my same full name? WHITE (weird because my middle name is not common)

9. i do not like designs on my nails. ive gotten them maybe 3 times in my life. not something im into. i dont even like seeing others with it

10. i cant even think of a tenth thing black people stereotypically like because im not "black" enough

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T said...

You blowing me with 6 and 7. I know people like to hate on Coldest Winter Ever, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't love every word of it. And I've read it twice. (I don't remember how old I was, but it's definitely on my bookshelf).

I think what I liked most about it is that it was nothing like my "real" experience. I wasn't in a gang or didn't have a drug-dealer dad so the mindset of the book was just foreign and alluring to me.

and Love Jones, girl, bye. I know EVERY word.

Anyway, you are black b/c black people don't fit in any kind of box. We're diverse and you went to an HBCU of all places. I'm pretty sure that's enough.

antithesis said...


attending an HBCU cant be a qualifier when we had straight russian chicks in there. HBCU does not equal black only.

as far as coldest winter ever, it had that appeal because it was nothing like my experience but i just was not feeling it. i cant remember why. i read it twice and it simply left a bad taste in my mouth.

i know im black, just not in any stereotypical sense. the hallmark of my spelman experience was learning about how diverse the african diaspora really is. this post was mainly poking fun at myself.

thanks for reading, boo!

black black black said...

Smh... I have about half of that in common with you, and I am definitely BLACK! truth be told if a redneck saw u he wouldn't question ur blackness. He wldnt ask what music u listened to, what food u ate...

I know this list was just in jest but...

Product Junkie Diva said...

LOL you crack me up Antithesis. LOL @ #5