top 10 reasons CB could never get it

Tuesday, September 28, 2010
T asked that i give my top 10 (i have 9) reasons i'm not into chris brown after my reaction to her interest in him being in Takers. prior to the rihanna stuff, i wasnt feeling the kid (and he is a kid, i dont care what you say). here are the ALL the reasons.

10. he's light-skinned. you know i have a preference for the dark brothers. i dont REALLY discriminate but i hold this against him
9. he looks like a child. he appears so neo-natal to me. i know im only like 3 years older but STILL.
8. that overbite.
7. that whiny octave he insists on singing in is irritating and his speaking voice is not better
6. i dont have any song by him that isnt a collabo. i cant help but think he'd need an assist in the bedroom as well.
5. i'm not totally convinced he wouldnt mind a menage situation that involves another dude. he just seems a little "that way".
4. he hits girls with a closed fist.
3. that samari/top chef suit he wore in his apology video
2. this album cover:

1. i want YOU to tell me the #1 reason this chimunk can't get it. if you are like T and would in fact let him get it, tell me WHY

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T said...

You know... 4-7 got me rethinking "the kid" DANG!