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Monday, September 20, 2010
this bamma got in my seat!

make that 4 dudes now im giving the *bbm not interested face*. for the third weekend in a row, ive gone out/partied. 4 times this month, i've turned down opportunities (or potential failures from males). i left out the one dude who might have been feeling me at my friend's birthday party because basically he was just interviewing me. i got some info about him but i was interested so i go his name and the fact that he didn't finish school. this was after i learned he was a weedhead. that didnt matter because i simply was not interested in old boy from the start. so 5 dudes for real but back to number 4/5.

sir, i entertained your advances because you were the only dude not crowding the kitchen area. i would later learn that you merely distracted me from the the rude guest consuming all the alcohol and then dipping the fuck out. i also entertained your advances because they entertained me. you were'nt attractive, so i cant say they were flattering but i wasn't bored. here's where you fucked up me being your friend:

1. following some basic rude broads who showed up just for liquor out the door with your boy- he later verbosely explained that he was playing wing man. we grown, your dude is weak because he could not execute the number getting in the period in which the girls were there. they were there long enough by my standards. and they were fucking BASIC.

2. you're friends with a shady character- he was trying to get a girl's number who wasnt interest. dont know if he succeeded but in the process of supposed to be getting my friend's car from the possession of the police, he attempted to get ANOTHER average-looking chick's number while she's driving and we have too many people in a car and the police are behind us. you both make thirsty ass, poor decisions because, you were driving and missed our turn. sidenote: police had her car because her dumb ass boyfriend wanted cigs and took her car, got literally 5 seconds away and got pulled over. he spent the night in jail. im not sad about that. and your friend does all this extra mess but it caking to some female who was clearly pissed at him when we got back to the apartment (girlfriend?). idk, then threw a bitch fit at a female party-goer. dudes who argue with females over petty shit are an ultimate turn off AND the argument was your goofball fault.

3. you put your hands in my hair and asked about my ethnicity- do. not. touch. my hair. i had my hair pinned up but i recognized it probably looked dumb. my friend convinced me to wear it out and you put your hands all in it tryna calm me down but 1. im not mad because i dont give a shit what basic bitch you talk to, just dont come back thinking im giving you the number 2. i know you're just doing a weave test. am i black? my parents are regular black and so are all 4 of my grandparents. any mexican in there? i dont fucking know, i told you the extent of my known lineage now shut up! i need a touch up, bitch, shit is wavy over here...

4. you gave me your number- cardinal sin. i dont initiate phone calls with dudes below a certain level of attractiveness. what time are you seeing me tomorrow/monday? you figure out where you'd like to go then call me and ask to meet me or pick me up. i gotta call you and plan something to do? do i look like i put forth that much effort? i didnt even wear spanks and this outfit called for it. still looked better than every bitch at the party except the bday girl (always my aim) but i was also doing less than what i could do.

5. if you couldn't tell, im doing ME- i danced by myself. when you tried to join in, i walked away. when everyone was acting silly and hypersexual to super sexy 90s songs, i danced on the chair and on the floor. you tried to join in and i made some excuse to get up and be like naw when my girl brought the camera out. "im tryna be a therapist" is never what i care about because my clients would NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS see my facebook page. reminds me i should make this blog private or something. idk, the bad shit has already been said and is out there.

this post is getting too long. why can't someone get your number?

*update* at the time of publishing, have gone on a date with old boy. he somehow got my number. won't share how but there's only a couple of ways he could have so whatever. more info on that in another post

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Product Junkie Diva said...

(my first two comments are based on the picture)
You went out with him I'm looking at him in this picture and thinking, if she hasn't known him forever- he is already too familiar and grabby. Thats an automatic "you lose a turn" card in my book and no numbers will be exchanged.
2)If we're at an event even if it's at someone's house, I should not see as much of your t-shirt as I do in this picture.....unacceptable and I will feel like I can't take you out places -you're basic and you will not get my number.
3)As shallow as this may seem, if the face isn't a winner- you will not get my number.
4)If he has issues with literacy....I CAN NOT and WILL NOT- no number will be given.
5)If you have nothing to talk about except what you think I look like,,,,next and please don't return.
Seriously this list can go on for days.....

T said...

This post is OC.