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Friday, September 3, 2010
"you are your own brand. you're representing YOU, not xyz company. so do what's in your best interest"- my big brother

i weigh my decisions carefully. i have since i got my very first job working at 6 Flags in 10th grade. i've always been career minded and present myself professionally. even when i was mistreated at an internship (actually two internships now), i drafted a respectful letter of resignation. i didn't owe the first place that much and at the second, i did it because my actions would have been a reflection on the university and not just myself.

in discussing my current survival plan with my brother, he said those words quoted above. first of all, i was stressing about things that don't matter. what else is new? anyway, im working these jobs to stay afloat until i officially begin my CAREER. when i work for a company giving me salary and benefits, then i can be concerned for their best interest. when im a shift worker or temping around the city, i must focus on MY best interest. what's convenient for me as i work toward the greater goal of the career I am interested in?

so if that means getting hired somewhere and then leaving when a better opportunity comes along, then so be it. i beleive wholeheartedly in loyalty but it has to be mutual. if i feel im expendible anyhow, then i will treat you accordingly. an opportunity is only good for me as long as i dont have something better going on.

i cannot stress enough that my feelings are completely different for something permanent, in my field. if i make a commitment to an organization, i will find every way possible to make it work.

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T said...

I actually think that the you are representing you attitude can extend into a permanent, salaried position. Companies are NOT loyal in 2010. That's the bottom line. When it comes time to layoffs they don't care how many hours you worked or how long you've been there, you're a number on a spreadsheet.

Of course, this doesn't mean not putting your best foot forward, but I think you should still keep this same attitude, so you can pick your talents up and go anywhere with them instead of being tied to one dream job.

I really think that's the new way of the working world.

Good post!