3 times is a #fail

Friday, September 10, 2010
3 times? really. i should have gotten the number 3x

1st time i shoulda got the #: i was sent to a temp assignment where a fellow associate was already working for the week. the government WASTES money (but you already knew that) because they never needed a second person on that assignment. anyway, temp worker was cute. i couldn't decide if i wanted him for me or T. then i decided T probably wouldn't be interested. THEN i couldn't guage his level of interest. was he chattin' me up and hanging around my desk out of sheer boredom or was he feeling me. oh well, he's 27+. he better go for what he wants. so i guess he didn't want me. or maybe i didnt want him because i should have got the number.

2nd time i shoulda got the #: i had a shopping adventure between shifts at the kennedy center. i took the bus back that would drop me off right in front of the building, the end of the line. just as i'm about to get off driver asks if i work there. and i responded to the affirmative. he asked if so-and-so was still there and shared he worked there "a long time ago". dude looked 19 so...i was like ok. and just got off the bus because i was tired, sweaty, in half a uniform and not cute because you could see my bra through my thin white shirt. had i felt more confident, i would have chatted him up and GOT THE NUMBER because busdrivers get $$$ #golddiggerflow

3rd time i shoulda got the #: in the club with my girl of italian descent and my other girl of, i wanna say, indian descent we're approached by 2/3 guys. i say that because the 3rd guy was not focused and he danced with us a little and danced with a group of girls near us a lot who were clearly not with us. he didnt arrive with the other two and was drunk. anyway. the other two divided their time pretty evenly between myself and my girls but as the night progressed, i became interested in the italian jew. at least that's what i think he told me he was. he was white but not, you know, regular white. and he was tryna say over the music as we're standing by the dj and speaker that he was a weird combo. i didnt know how to feel about him because a Journey song came on and as i belted out the words, he chuckles and goes, "are you black?!" when i returned from the bathroom, just 1 boy was with my friends and my friends realized that metro was closing soon so we needed to leave. i was good because i drove but when my girls leave, i leave. we should have stayed since i ended up taking them home anyway but i didnt have the foresight to know i'd want ihop when we walked out of the door. and my friend seems to think they said they were Ph.D students in psychology. #fail #fail #fail they were nice.

2 thought(s):

Product Junkie Diva said...

I understand your feelings but maybe I am just soooo old fashioned because in all 3 cases the GUYS should have given the number to you. #oldSchool.
And LOL @ #golddiggerflow.

T said...

A few things.

1. I love seeing my name on other people's blogs. I'm in here singing Trey Songz - I can make you famous. LOL!

2. Your dimple is on DISPLAY in this picture. It's like "hey! I'm out! Come see about me!

3. Um... I'm not a big fan of asking for guys' numbers. I find that the dynamic changes for the worst when I'm the one pursuing them. This is just my experience, but I feel like if you flirt hard enough and at the end of the night/day/encouter they don't ask for your number they're either a) not interested or b) unavailable.