needs assessment

Wednesday, September 15, 2010
it's always nice to take a quick inventory and analyze your needs. this may take the form of perusing your wardrobe to see what staples are missing. or maybe you've come to realize that your eyeshadow collection doesn't have any purple. when weighing a job offer, you might consider what each position provides that the others don't. how about choosing an insurance plan or cell phone provider? i bet you consider what's being offered and what it is you actually need.

i'm not one to give advice but PJD asked me to talk more on relationships. i approach relationships on the attraction factor. the first things i notice are eyes and smile. next, i factor in how conversation goes and what things we have in common. do we mesh well (Clueless)? after all the honeymoon phase is over and we really are getting to know each other, the needs assessment comes in.

one thing i know i need is attention. if i call and ask you how your day was, im really interested in knowing. but i also live by "treat others as you'd like to be treated". so every now and again, i want you to ask me the same.

knowing these things about yourself is important and you should be able to bring this up in a conversation with the person you're seeing. of course, your approach matters and i admit my intial attempt was not best with the latest dude. i tried to change my tone but it was via text where wires are easily cross. his cavalier disregard for my feelings was indication enough that he was not a good fit.

assess your needs. what can and cannot be compromised?

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T said...

Something that I'm rethinking is how I treat time. I hate when people are late in general. I've been known to cut a dude off because he was late for a date or constantly late to see me. To me, that means that he's not really interested, doesn't take my time seriously, doesn't understand what I gave up to be with him (my girls, the gym, housewives and such).

Howsoever, I'm finding that just because I place such a high value on time, it doesn't mean others do. So a guy could be Team T and still be late, so yeah, I'm analyzing my needs in this category.

Good post!