counseling is hard

Tuesday, October 13, 2009
there are some people who think mental health is a bunch of bull. "it's not an exact science" they say. "it's guess work" they might believe. they're like "i dont wanna be on medication" but if the doctor told them they needed to take a pill for high blood pressure, they'd fill that prescription. for real, i'm not big on medication b/c of psychometric history but i understand the case for psychiatric meds (don't tell my professors i said that).

counseling is hard and i really dont care what anyone has to say. it's a legitimate profession like any other. it's not just sitting around talking. it's not whatever preconcieved notion people have without delving deeper into the actual practices and such.

i cant stand when people marginalize what they dont understand. it irritates me not just with this but with anything. anytime someone has a differing opinion from the masses, there is something wrong with that person? i dont like that logic. maybe it's something wrong with the masses for being mindless drones and followers. i just needed to vent. thanks.

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