how many showers do you get a day?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

there are people who say "drinking water is like giving your insides a shower". we spend a lot of time on the cleanliness and beauty of our exterior but some of us fall short of keeping our insides healthy. let me describe my insides to you: if drinking water is like giving my insides a shower, my insides are like those little kids who run the water for a little while and hop in just long enough to get wet and hop out!

i can fill up on juice (both 100% juice and all high fructose corn syrup versions) all day long. some days i recognize this and think "that's why i can't lose weight". i consume far less juice now and usually it's 100% juice but still i've been doing p90x for 6 weeks and only lost 10 lbs. that's the ten i lost last time and gained back b/c i started working out and just eating whatever. i want to do better with my water and most days i mean well. i'll throw a bottle in my bag before leaving the house. i may get 3/4 of the way through a 16 oz. bottle which is just shameful. i usually don't let myself drink anything else and still i don't finish.

how many showers do you get in a day? meaning, what do you do to make sure you get your proper intake of h2o? you can also tell me how often you bathe if you want; soap or body wash? what kind?

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Product Junkie Diva said...

LOL @ how often ppl bathe...hahha
I drink as much water as possible, NOW. However, my water consumption in the past was almost non existent. I knew that I needed to make a change and now, water is probably the first drink that I turn to. I still love juice but I don't drink it nearly as much. I know a guy who totally cut out juices and only drank water for like a month and he lost a nice amount of weight.
side note- there is this new grape juice from Welchs, it has the concord grapes and acai berries..WHOA it's goooood and its supposed to be good for your health.

T said...

Uh... not enough, but posts like this help. B/t you, NerdGirl & thummyb, you'd think I've remember by now.

*going to the office kitchen to get a glass of water*