faces on the milk carton

Wednesday, October 28, 2009
the following people havent even been featured on the mailings that be like "have you seen me?". where are they?

  • rah digga- formerly of flipmode squad; rolled with busta rhymes
  • mia x- was w/ mystikal and master p and them "make em say ugghhhhh"
  • master p- lil romeo's daddy
  • kel- i seent, yes seent, kenan unfunny ass on SNL but where kel?
  • the little boy from nickelodeon's "my brother and me"-i last heard him sitting behind me at the brother/sister exhange at morehouse freshman year and never saw him again
  • charmaine from "a different world"
do you know these people's whereabouts? who am i still forgetting?

4 thought(s):

Anonymous said...

master p has a new reality show on vh1

Don said...

yeah I saw the preview the other day for Master P's reality show. I remember Charmaine. LOL. Mia X is on a song w/ Gucci Mane, I think. Don't make m lie, though.

T said...

Damn, you diggin' in the crates. Kel and Charmaine are indeed MIA!

Product Junkie Diva said...

yeah where is charmaine?? Even lance has a job :-) but where is she??? I ust saw a recent pic of Mia and monica so i guess she's ok.