i need to get out more

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

this saturday while everyone was participating in aids walk and other productive activity, i went to my sister's house. my sister, brother-in-law, and two nieces rarely get out of the house unless my older niece has a track meet or something and my sister and i agree that that should change. we went to play putt-putt golf and they had batting cages so we participated in that, too. (my hand STILL hurts, #fail).

a week or so ago, my friend was in town for work and he took me bowling. it was an expensive two games of bowling, pizza and drinks but fun none-the-less and he paid so i cant complain.

i had two very enjoyable outings that didn't involve me sweating my hair out from just standing still, having partial drinks spilled on me, rude b*tches stepping on my toes, etc. that comes with the club (which ya'll know i don't really ever enjoy). i say all that to say, i need to go out and do more ACTIVITIES. i want to significantly cut back on the binges of empty calories going out to eat and drinking at the club.

what else can i do on the weekends? i'm interested in things to do during the daylight hours and evenings/late night.

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T said...

Great post. I've got tons of answers.

1) Hit up the museums, they usually have free days every month. At Chicago libraries you can check out passes to major attractions. Perhaps D.C. has something like that.

2) Go to a baseball/basketball/football game. You can curse and drink beer and eat hot dogs and no one will judge you.

3) Go to the theater. Colleges usually have cheap ($10-$20) performances by students and they're pretty entertaining. And if you end up somewhere where peeps aren't talented, you can laugh when they mess up their lines.

4) Volunteer. I think there's a DC Cares like Chicago Cares. It breaks up the monotony.

5) Get a group of peeps together and go to the movies. This seems basic, but I can't remember the last time I went to a movie with friends (when I wasn't on a date).

I'll stop so other people who want to comment can have something left to say. LOL!

antithesis said...

@ T- thanks for the ideas/wonderful reminders

lol! yea most museums in dc r free. the spy museum and museum of crime and punishment arent free but other people have paid for me so they were free for me. u remind me that i want to go to madam tussaud's or watever.

good idea for college theater. i forget about that and i walk past the campus theater each day im on campus. plus i wanna hit up the improv

yup, we have DC cares. need to get into that.

Product Junkie Diva said...

T hit has a great list
Now for my boring suggestions
1)take a stroll in a park with friends
2)go fishing (yeah I know I'm just pulling ideas out of a hat..lol)
3)take a baking class or a class on knitting etc. learn something new.
4)take a tour of your city
My list sucks, just do something from T's list..lol

T said...

@PJD your list does not suck!

To piggyback off #3, go to a cooking class. Matter of fact find out when a group of men is taking a cooking class and go (Black MBA association, Black Young Lawyers Associations, The AphiA development network of DC or something like that). That way you can learn how to cook a gourmet meal AND possibly meet a man who has his ish together.