lessons in psychotherapy

Monday, October 12, 2009
ok, boys and girls. let me share a little lesson with you in therapy. who here has heard of the term "transference"? basically, it's when a client 'transfers' attributes to the counselor that were seen in some other significant figure in their life. for instance, a client may react to me in our counseling relationship as he does with his significant other b/c something i say or do reminds him of that interaction.

i'm so glad that i only have one more session with a client who is clearly exhibiting some transference. that's really the clinical, professional way of saying "i can't wait 'til this n-word is done so he can stop flirting w/ me". i'm not taking this personally because 1. he's a male, 2. he's an aquarius (a charming, flirtatious sign which happens to supposedly be compatible with my sign, libra), 3. he's criminal-minded. and you know criminals will try to get over on whomever and it's a plus if the person is of the opposite sex 'cause they can simply use sex/attraction as a weapon.

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Product Junkie Diva said...

Geesh, I can't wait till he's gone too and he isnt even my client. That must be pretty uncomfortable. Hopefully you are not far from other people, in case you need assistance.

T said...

Oh wow. I've never heard that term, but I'm glad I did. That's very interesting.

Look forward to hearing more about your therapy adventures.