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Monday, October 19, 2009
this review is actually on an appliance. i bought a soft bonnet dryer b/c i think im really going to commit to doing my own hair with the exception of my relaxer. i cant and i wont w/ that. i got the REVLON amber waves ionic dryer from walgreens for $40. i picked this one b/c after 5 stores, this was the only one that had what i was looking for and this was the only kind they had. i decided to purchase simply b/c there was a black model on the box (i'm that easy). my mom was like, "they still make the soft ones?" she has this big blue hard one that she had at least before i was born and it still works. i miss when things lasted forever like that air conditioner we had...
anyway, i expected this thing to be a punk but nope, not really. gets about as hot as the ones in the salon. well, not quite as hot, which is fine with me b/c i die under there getting rollersets from the hair cuttery. i should have known b/c i have a revlon hand held dryer i picked up when i was in undergrad that would be absolutely perfect if it had a comb attachment but im not too pressed b/c those attachments always break anyway. my issue is, the heat is all concentrated in the rear so after being under there since easters (an hour) the top of my head was still damp. so, if you are in the market for a sit-under dryer and dont really want one of the hard ones where your movement is much more restricted, i'm not sure i'd recommend this one.

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T said...

We had a blow dryer that worked for like 20 years. It broke when I was in college. I was heart broken and I still haven't found a good one. I don't really blow dry my hair anymore, but when I do, my dryer has all kinds of duct tape and contraptions to keep it together b/c it get so hot it breaks.

Product Junkie Diva said...

thanks for the review. Love that you made this purchase because of the