im 2 for 2

Monday, October 5, 2009
watergate hotel, washington dc

i'm gonna be a bridesmaid in another sibling's wedding. my brother's fiancee called and asked me to be in the wedding. i was a bridesmaid for my sister in '05 so after this i'm DONE. unless, of course they approve gay marriage and my other brother for whatever reason decides to get married. he's probably not interested in marriage so i think we're in the clear. so...this is the last time *crosses fingers* i will don some prom-looking dress that i'll never wear again. the dress my sister picked out was really cute but when i posted the pic of me on facebook this one jerk was like "prom was over a year ago..."not that i cared but the dresses are generally prom-y and can be used interchangeably for either occasion. lucky for me, my future sister-in-law has picked a similar color scheme as my sister and i already know lilac looks lovely on me! (idk y it looks silver in that pic)

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Product Junkie Diva said...

You both look so beautiful.