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Thursday, October 29, 2009

who does halloween? i didn't used to but the past 2 years, ive gotten into it. this year, i'm attending a party as "workout barbie". my original idea was "80's workout video instructor" but that name was too long. then i didnt wanna be just 80's b/c i'd just look like i came out of an american apparel ad. so then i was like "what's more 80's (for me, at least) than barbie?" i figured then, i could wear pounds of makeup and it would be socially acceptable. i love the irony of this since im not skinny (or in shape for that matter), im not tall, and im not white and blonde. im so excited to wear "spandex, ALL spandex". are you dressing up this year?

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K.D. said...

I dressed up as a Girl Scout Troop Leader for my office party today. It was a lot of fun!