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Friday, October 30, 2009

trying to get back on the features i started a while back. the "...of the month" spot for october is a beauty product: MAC's pigments. specifically, i'm featuring MAC pigment in "cocomotion". i love the name. i used "cocomotion" in the "as luck would have it" tutorial, last week. i've been a pretty loyal MAC fan for over a year now and cocomotion was my first pigment. WTF was i waiting on? here are the reasons i love pigments now:

*they cost a little more than eye shadow but they should because they're much bigger
*they last FOREVER. i mean it when i say a little goes a long way as far a color payoff (also makes me feel better about them being $20)
*they're not just for eyes- mix some in with your lotion for and it's a bronzer. you can also mix it in with your favorite lip gloss. there are more uses; you can do a google search for it.
* needless to say, they are SOOOOOOO pretty

do you use pigments? what do you like about them? if you haven't tried them yet, would you?

2 thought(s):

Product Junkie Diva said...

I haven't tried MAC pigments but I tried other pigments and they are great!

T said...

I love these, but have never bouught any. When I have the MAC girls do my make-up they always use them.