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Wednesday, July 16, 2008
i just tried pure aloe vera gel. natural hair women have been raving about the stuff. it's usually used for sun-burned folks, but my melanin and lack of extreme sun exposure protects me from that. i was looking for the Fruit of the Earth brand that people tend to specify but could only get ahold of the CVS brand. my review is below.

product: 100% pure aloe vera gel

description: an alcohol-free alternative to hair products that leave hair hard and brittle. natural girls like it because they say it maintains their curl without sacrificing movability and softness.

verdict: i JUST put it on. i like that it is not sticky and it is light-weight. it's completely scentless which i consider a plus. i dont like the way products containing aloe vera smell. plus, i dont have to walk around smelling like whatever i put in my hair (as with most of my other favorite products). i'd rather have a deliberate scent. the softness of my hair was maintained and my curls look great. i LOVE it. i may be speaking too soon since its only been on for like 5 minutes...

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T said...

Ok, post a pic if you can. I've actually never heard of using aloe vera gel in your hair. I use Fantasia IC gel and it's FAB! I think it has aloe vera in it, so maybe I've been doing the aloe vera thing all along and didn't know it. :O

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

If you still like it after 5 minutes, I'll tell my natural-haired friends that it's recommended! :-)

antithesis said...

@bgg-i do like it. i have to go back and get some more since i got the generic brand, i end up kinda using alot to achieve the look i want.

@ T- i'll be back with a pic.

Product Junkie Diva said...

OK we are too much on the same I have a post coming up on Friday (I think) about aloe vera for my hair, but I use the liquid not the gel.
great post.
Product Junkie Diva

Que.PK.iDD said...

Ok so I just finished washing my hair like 30 min ago and I've officially graduated from "considering" to "most definately" going natural. I haven't had a relaxer in a year and and I still have some relaxed ends to be cut out, but I will keep this product in mind as I am establishing a natural hair routine.