this sh*t is FROM the birds

Thursday, July 31, 2008
a short rant

people tend to dismiss things by saying, "this is for the birds". but what about when it comes FROM the birds? these blasted birds seem to be only able relieve themselves on MY car. i am forced to park under a tree when i am home so i guess they have nests up in there and after they eat and they feed their young, they fly off to do other things and take a dump before they get a few wing flaps out of the nest. 

though i try to be environmentally friendly (the tree is certainly old and i'll respect my elders), i'm almost for cutting that thing down. 1. it would be expensive and 2. it doesnt even belong to us; technically it belongs to the city. another suggestion would be to simply park somewhere else. good idea, however i cannot stand when people park in front of my house instead of their own or whatever house they are actually going to so i would not be a hypocrite and park in front of theirs (when there is space available in front of my own). i would simply park a few feet back but my neighbors are incompetent drivers. one of them knocked my brother's side mirror off trying to park. my former neighbor who lived across the street backed into my dad's car while trying to exit his driveway. i guess i just have to suck it up and keep washing my car...

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T said...

This is hilarious. I wouldn't suggest cutting the tree down. When I was living at home we cut a tree down in the back yard to free up some parking space and it caused flooding when it rained and all kinds of animals lost their home :(

I also think it's hilarious that people get mad when others park in front of their house. You know that street belongs to the city to and the sidewalk up to your door belongs to the city. Your parents only own the house and the grass.

I was moving out of a parking spot, and some dude rolled down his window and called himself snapping on me for being parked in front of his house in a neighborhood that has very little street parking available.

I had somewhere to go, but I desperately WANTED to, instead of coming out of the space, turn my wheel right back into it and stay there. I just gave him the boo-boo face and kept it moving.

Tea's thought: See if your 'rents will let you park in the garage.

antithesis said...

i would park in the back but im not the best driver either and u need to back into the parking pad because the alley is so narrow and there have been "mishaps"... even my parents have trouble.

as far as parking in front of my house my biggest issue is when visitors are going like 5 houses down and there was ample space in front of the house they are visiting. i know we have the nicest looking house on the block (not my words, but other people's observations) but the other houses arent that bad. people shouldnt be embarrassed to park in front of them.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

My sister complains about this all the time. I guess the only solution is to keep washing your car. :-(

Good luck!!

Product Junkie Diva said...

LOL my mom is certain that the birds look for her car..LOL (it is basically the same situation you described). Maybe you can keep a spray bottle in your car that contains a solution like window cleaner etc. that can remove that mess from your car.