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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

i took my niece to see the Incredible Hulk. i dont think she liked it but she was never really interested in seeing it in the first place. she wanted to go simply because i asked her if she wanted to go. it was funny to me that when i asked she said, "not really" but she wouldn't let me forget that i asked her all week after i wasn't able to take her when i had planned. 

I was never a fan, but i did enjoy the ride at Universal Studios- Florida. I didn't read the comic book, watch the cartoon/tv show, or the first movie they made (i cant really say that for many of the other comic book super heros). i really did enjoy the movie, though. i'm actually interested in the sequel (same goes for ironman). they should probably just make the sequels for both just one movie but that's just me valuing simplicity while "they" value the green backs.... 

like in any movie, some parts sorta got on my nerves. the dialogue was week, but isn't that the case with all of these comic-book-storylines-turned-motion-pictures? they "strategically placed" the catch phrases such as "Hulk smash". when i say "strategically", read it "corny-ly". think "yippie-kayay motherf*cker" in all the Die Hard movies. but in all the terrible-ness was the greatness. it was stayed true to the lameness of being based on a comic book while incorporating big budget special effects and keeping it's promise of being a summer blockbuster. 

next....i need to see Get Smart!

[35 min. cardio, crunches]

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Product Junkie Diva said...

yay for 35 minutes of cardio.
I need to catch up on the movies I missed, like the last Tyler Perry movie with Angela Bassett and Ironman.
Glad you liked this film.
Product jUnkie Diva

Anonymous said...

Get Smart was hilarious! You're in for a treat!