reader appreciation III

Wednesday, June 4, 2008
today i profess my love for DON!!!!!! our brains are married (and you're like "WTF does that mean?"; he knows). i LOVE his blog and i love that he is my only faithful male reader. i suggest you check out his writing because the brother writes WELL. he constructs paragraphs like landscaping and his poetry is like small statues or figurines. what i mean to say is he turns verbal into visual and inspires deep thought. unfortunately, he decided to bow outta the game and is no longer blogging. 

so for my alterego, the male ashley, my literary twin, i will post some likes and dislikes:

i like:

  • gummi bears

  • when the light turns green as i approach the intersection

  • birthday cake for no reason

  • googling things and looking things up on wikipedia

  • summer cookouts

  • intellectual african-americans

  • hand-written letters

  • homemade mixtapes/cds with a message for the recipient

  • synchronized thought

  • unexpected donations to the ashley fund

i dislike:
  • old gummies of any kind

  • food caught in the strainer after doing dishes

  • birthday cake on an actual birthday

  • when the sun shines through my window waking me up

  • the fact that mayor fenty is banning ALL types of fireworks in DC

  • how i can't force you and i'm not going to even try

  • tears on my pillow

  • psuedo-intellectuals

  • compartmentalization/categorization

  • calls from people other than the one person anticipated

*waiting to see your name in the reader appreciation? stay tuned til later in the month or next month... i didn't forget about you!*

5 thought(s):

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I love gummi candies too!! I HATE old ones! LOL! They get so rubbery and disgusting.

Oh and I really hate food caught in the strainer. It's TOTALLY nasty and disgusting. I have to beg my husband to clean it for me because I can't do it!

Great post! I miss Don's blog too. :-(

Product Junkie Diva said...

WAIIIIIT DON no longer blogs??? Where have I been? He is a wonderful writer...awwwww miss ya Don, he was my faithful male reader also.
lol @unexpected donations to the ashley fund
Product Junkie Diva

Don said...

Hi, brown girl gumbo. It's true, product junkie diva. I decided to hang up the blogs up and concentrate on beginning the outline of my next book. I apologize, and I really appreciate the blog support. It meant alot. I will continue to read and drop comment on every one of my blog reads. Thank you for the kind words.

Don said...


You are one in a million. You really are. It was a good thing being able to network with you, before all the drama kicked off. I agree, our brains are equipped with ring fingers.

he constructs paragraphs like landscaping and his poetry is like small statues or figurines. what i mean to say is he turns verbal into visual and inspires deep thought. *warm hug*

Reading your words, knowing how much you mean them, seeing that you trult felt my thoughts are priceless. I really, really, really appreciate your warmness. You make me smile.

I too like when the light turns green upon approach. I love wikipedia. LOL. Summer cookouts, yep. intelligent black people. I love hand-written everything. CDs built on a message, yep.

I too dislike food caught in the strainer. LOL. Good one. They say if it doesn't fit, don't force it. true, so true.

And I don't think a woman should have to cry themselves to sleep.

TravelDiva said...

WHAT!! Is that why I cn't get on Minus the Bars. Well I'll be d*mned.

Wait--Fenty is banning fireworks in D.C. But that's where I bought fireworks since it's banned in Maryland. I'll be doggone.