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Monday, June 2, 2008
my first reader appreciation post goes to my most faithful reader/commenter: Product Junkie Diva!!!!!

PJD  reads and comments pretty much daily. always something supportive and uplifting. she keeps a great blog that i adore!!! you haven't been??? what? how? she keeps me up on stuff i never heard of, spending money i don't have, trying things out so i dont have to. 

in her honor, i will post a product review. here's to you, PJD!!! keep the great posts and comments coming!!!

reviewing: Ponds clean sweep cleansing and makeup removing towellettes (5.99 for 30 @ CVS)

description: these facial cloths are supposted to remove dirt and makeup with extreme ease. they are available in travel size, a slightly larger 15 pack that can still fit in a purse, and the regular size of 30 wipes. 

verdict: WONDERFUL!!!! they are safe to use in the eye area, though you may want a separate eye makeup remover. i really don't need to wash my face again if it's just been on of those nights and i really just want to get in the bed. they are thick and only require you to use one at a time which is a definite plus for me. i'm not a heavy makeup wearer so results may vary for those who like to cake it on (which i hope is no one). i love these things and i just ran out so i will be making another purchase!

how do you take off your makeup at the end of the day or after a long night of partying?

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Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Hey Antithesis! I love PJD too!!

Product Junkie Diva said...

AHHHHHH I literally gasped when I made my daily stroll over to your blog. Thank you so much. I really enjoy your blog and you are so inviting that it is a pleasure to come over each day. And ummm you are about to put me out of business with your great
Thanks so much
P.S. I dont wear foundation, or blush, so I exfoliate my lips to remove lip products that may be sticky. I have worn eye shadow only in recent times and I used a gentle eye makeup remover to get it off.
I was also coming by your space to say look at the latest post I put could get 5 bucks to use toward elf products...since they are only 1 buck thats not so bad. Check it out.
Thanks again so much.... You don't know how much I appreciate this...
@BGG thanks love you too!!!
Happy blog family....
Product Junkie Diva

PBW said...

I'm also a PJD fan!

You're pretty good at reviewing. I hope you'll give us another one soon.