no, we can't!

Friday, June 6, 2008
your weekend homework assignment:

1. visit this site:

2. read the accompanying press release

3. come back and express yourself. 

i don't care how you justify it, this is not ok with me... and maybe that's what the "artist" wanted. 

4 thought(s):

T said...

I heard about this on fb. I refuse to even look at the site. I heard it was terribly offfensive and vulgar.

I don't even want that nonsense to get into my spirit.


Yes. We. Can!

antithesis said...

oh, it is NOT safe for work anyway...

it would be something i purposely ignore but when my favorite of favorites posted it on her FB status, i knew it was a must see.

Eb the Celeb said...

ignorance at its finest...

especially the black dick and the nappy head hoes one

if we do elect his man into the white house we are going to need secret service like no other... its sad but there is a good chance that if he does get in that there are going to be an obscene amount of assassination attempts... a big reason why i dont want hilary as his running mate... she wants to be president so bad she could conspire with an assassine to make it happen

antithesis said...

@ eb- good point on the hillary note. i didnt even think of that. my friend and i want him to live in a bulletproof bubble or at least make all his public appearances in one.