motions weightless detangling conditioner

Wednesday, June 11, 2008
monday morning i wanted to do a co-wash because i've been wearing my hair curly due to working out. i went the BSS and picked up this $5 conditioner and here's what i thought:

product- see post title

description- first, i did not enjoy the scent. it was grapefruit-y. i like real grapefruit but the artificial smell is sort of annoying. also, "weightless"= watered down. i prefer a creamier conditioner. i guess it was ignorant of me to think it would be creamy when it said weightless. plus, i should have read the ingredients because among alcohol (bad) and parabens (i heard they were somehow bad), water is the first ingredient. so you can imagine my hair felt pretty dry. 

verdict: get a gallon of gas instead. i'm going to use it because i hate to waste. it's fine to use after daily workouts but if i actually wanted to go somewhere, i was going to need to put in some work to get my hair cute. and look how short it looks....

[cardio pilates dvd + push-ups + crunches]
what do you like to use for co-washes?

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T said...

verdict: get a gallon of gas instead.


What's a co-wash again? I'm a natural haired sister, so I SHOULD know, but I can't remember.

Product Junkie Diva said...

I didn't know that you co wash Antithesis. Co- wash=no shampoo just washing with conditioner.
I think your hair looks cute, love your natural curls.
Product Junkie Diva

antithesis said...

@ T- PJD explained it best. i like to co-wash to reactivate my natural curls and get rid of frizzies without drying my hair out

@PJD- thank you. i usually cowash most in the summer which is probably why i never mentioned it before.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Hmm - I've never heard the term co-wash before. Learn something new everyday! :-)

Sorry to hear that the product didn't work the way you'd hoped.

T said...

Oh ok. Makes sense. I thought that was called the no-poo method, but I guess it's the same thing. I do it everyday. :)

PBW said...

I've read about co-washes, but haven't tried to do it. I was curious about this conditioner. Thanks for the review.

I also love your curls!

Don said...

i don't know how i missed this. love the way you look so natural. wow @ the intensity within your pretty eyes.

Mischo Beauty said...

I used to be addicted to Motions products (all of them!) a few years ago and then, for some strange reason, they stopped working for me... anyway, you look cute in your picture!:)