Thursday, June 5, 2008

one of the best tactics for weight loss is to tell others you are trying to lose weight. they say it holds you accountable not only to yourself, but to your friends, family and co-workers. therefore, i will be using you all to hold me to my promise to work more activity into my day. 

as you may know, i am pretty much a daily poster with this blog. with every post, i will post what i did activity-wise for that day. i can't post on any other topic without this information but i can post only this information. 

wish me luck!!!

today i did my cardio pilates dvd

6 thought(s):

Product Junkie Diva said...

Ok this is sooo perfect for me, I can remain motivated also. I wish you the best on this journey.
Product Junkie Diva

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

It is true, tell others so that they can help motivate and encourage you and try not to eat cheeseburgers and fries in your presence! LOL

Good luck!! I'm sure you'll stay on the wagon!! :-)

PBW said...

Good luck!

And as they say at the end of my Weight Watcher's meetings, "Looking forward to seeing less of you next time."

Don said...

good luck, ashley. of course nothing but the best of wishes.

antithesis said...

thanks everyone for your well wishes!

@don- you slackin' real hard on your email game but i forgive you.

T said...

Best wishes dear. I have a friend who did this and lost like 40-50 pounds to date and has kept it off. It totally works.