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Friday, January 8, 2010
twitter folks may recall (or not) that my first internship placement was the PITS. couldnt be there; should have never gone there. the kind people at my new site were willing to take on another intern because they only had one regular counseling intern (they have an art therapy student. that program is totally separate from mine which sucks but it is what it is). now this site is nothing to sleep on because they only had one intern and other sites were at their capacity with interns. my site came highly recommended from one of my professors who actually helped to get the center founded. i interviewed there when i was looking for sites and declined the invitation to intern there solely because of the distance. my site is a good 30 minute drive where as my sucky site was a 10 minute drive and like a 15-20 minute bus ride. it's really not even supposed to be 30 minutes but i speed (dont judge me) so i get there in record time. now let's compare my two sites:

1. population served
good place: adolescents and children with behavioral issues, depression, bipolar disorder, adhd, family problems
bad place: felons
im not gonna talk about how when i interviewed at the bad site and i was told something very different about the population served and how the organization is run

2. direct hours (face-to-face time w/ clients) vs. indirect hours (everything else)
good place: 3:1
bad place: 1: 6 million
90% of my tweet total was a direct result of boredom at the bad site

3. people running the joint
good place: melanin deficient
bad place: good and ghetto
im just playing, that is not a factor. or is it? just an observation, really, i think

4. how much i feel like a valued team member
good place: 100%
bad place: 0%

5. how i feel when i leave daily
good place: tired and emotionally drained but accomplished. i learned something/made a difference/felt useful
bad place: glad to get the fuck out. dreading my return. depressed/ inadequate/ ineffective

2 thought(s):

Product Junkie Diva said...

Im so glad that you feel valued at your new site and that you leave feeling accomplished!

T said...

good place: melanin deficient
bad place: good and ghetto


But I feel you though girl. Good and ghetto is only good for NYE basement parties. Other than that, I cain't go. Yes, I said cain't.