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Monday, January 25, 2010
last week, i tweeted and posted about being THROUGH with non-boyfriend. which one of my followers rolled their eyes as they read and wispered under their breath "#lies"? well, if it's you, you're winning right now because non-boyfriend and i are on good terms. speaking of terms, i might need to change his title but more on that later.

we were john legend "it's over" last week because he guilt-tripped me into coming over his house one night and then acted like a d*ck when i got there. no greeting when i came to the door, damn near closing the basement door in my face and pretty much being a jerk all around. like i'm never gonna beg you for a hug and a kiss and a hello. but like a dummy, i stayed for a minute through all this and at one point i'm crying. so im evaluating my life at this point because no one is allowed to make me cry my own tears (whose else's would i cry? so what? who cares?). AND on top of that to be totally insensitive to the fact that im crying. so i told him i was done talking to him and he stood outside next to my car talking about "that's fucked up. that's how you feel?" i got in the car and i was finna (yes, finna.) drive off and he still standin there, hence the john legend reference earlier. then he walks off and like a retard, i get back out the car and try to further explain my case with minimal response so im like "fuck it" and get in my car, bust a U-ey and im GONE!

i get a text something about "i hope you made it home safely" not to long after i get home i guess because i usually would have called by that time to say i was home. i replied something like "thanks, good night". next morning i get a phone call like nothing happened that i ignore because im thinking "oh, his phone must have accidentally dialed me like it did the other day". a little after, my phone rings again so i decide to answer it. this person sits up and is like "so you weren't serious right?" no one takes me seriously when i say im done. maybe because so often i take the shit back. so anyway, had this been the following day, things would have gone differently but at that time it was just too soon so i wasnt really sure or answering plus i hadnt heard an APOLOGY. so he was like "do you need some space" and i replied that i did.

im going to wrap this up: i ended up calling him later on. we talked some stuff out, he apologized-ish, and we were back on decent terms but i was still pissed and he knew that. i ended up seeing him late saturday night and he apologized sincerely to my face about his WACKNESS earlier in the week and thanked me for coming back and all that noise which was actually kinda sweet and cute. and he gave me alcohol so you know all was forgiven at that point ;)

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Product Junkie Diva said...

Well I'm glad you two worked things out if you'r glad you worked things out. I'm still giving non bf the side eye in my head some nerve making Antithesis cry.

antithesis said...

thanks, pjd! the crying thing was a tough pill to swallow. technically, he made me cry before but since it was an accident and had everything to do w/ my car and not my real emotions, i let that go. plus he fixed it so it looks like nothing ever happened so we're good.

T said...

This is cute in a real dysfunctional type of way. I'm gonna call you NeNe. You be like "I hate Kim and her tight wig" then you be like "I love Kim, she's so much fun."

Ok, not really, but you have to admit my NeNe reference was funny.

antithesis said...

ur a mess! we do really have a love/hate relationship. u'll get more info in the posts coming up this week.