the company you keep

Wednesday, January 27, 2010
i dont have very many friends but the few i have are a big influence on me. i have one friend that i could come visit her and we could literally be wearing the same thing. it started fall 08 when we both came to work wearing the same dress. i knew she had it because she wore it summer 08 and i made a decision NOT to wear it that summer because she wore it first. i wasnt planning on coming to her office but for some reason, that's what i ended up doing and we were wearing the same dress, carrying the same bag. we have another dress we both bought on separate occassions and i called to describe the dress i'd just bought to her and she was like "i bought that in march". i was more mad it was still in the store in may but whatever. ive noticed based on the video tutorials we do, that we even talk a little bit alike.

speaking of talking alike, i find myself talking JUST like non-boyfriend now. that wouldnt be such a problem if he were like the carlton banks of my world but he's not. he has the biggest potty mouth. im already a big curser but he trumps me and since when do i drop the n-word SOOOOO regularly? i dont mind him being an influence but why did i choose to pick up bad habits?

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T said...

men use the n-word like it's going out of style. They never flinch or anything, just drop it.

They are horrible influences.