was the psychic right? probably not

Monday, January 11, 2010
she was more like a numerologist or whatever those people are called who add up your birthday and the number you get supposedly means something. first of all, i ended up with a number i dont like, like some odd number. lets say i got 3.

let me back up, how did i end up even speaking to this woman? i was trying to get some extra internship hours so i did this on-campus event trying to get people to complete depression screenings (on the coldest, wettest day of fall 2009). other organizations (community and school) were present and there was this weird gypsy-looking woman pretending to be a psychic. my classmate was like "oh let's take a break, it'll be fun". read that w/ an irish accent b/c she's irish. how could i resist? she was all pleasant and irish with it.

so yea, i dont remember who went first but when she did mine she came up with some stuff that did NOT even fit what i was interested in. something about having a boyfriend which is like "wow, no thank you". like really it was like "you will enter a two-year relationship". really? a definite beginning and end? imma be with a dude for two years? that's a waste. if i was someone who believed that shit, i'd make a conscious decision not to get in a relationship in 2010 since that's the year the prediction was for. then she was like 2010 would be a year for me to be BALLIN'. doubt it since i working to get 750 unpaid hours of counseling and my bank of america account has 30 cents in it. plus im looking for work with NO luck b/c i havent done retail in 3 years and i cant remember the dates or any contact info for when i did. i only have time to work weekends anyway and i should keep my weekends open for studying, projects, opportunities for extra internship hours, and hoe shit.

have you ever been to a psychic? had a palm reading? got your bday done? tell me about it!

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T said...

I've never done this. I actually believe in astrology, psychics, dark magic and other world ish, I just don't support it.

Like any profession, some people are good at it and some people suck. Ol' girl you're working with sucks.