what's your hair doin'?

Thursday, January 14, 2010
this year im doing my best to see how long my hair can grow. im going to try not to get frustrated and cut it. as part of this effort, i want to minimize my flat iron/hand-held blow dryer use. i didnt get a relaxer for 14 weeks. i decided thats a good length of time between relaxers for me 12-14 weeks will be the goal. my sister saved the day with an $8 box of PCJ regular (12/27/09) and since she did a great job, i'll keep using her services. i just hope she doesnt start to charge!

on my last wash, i did a pre-poo w/ extra virgin coconut oil per the hairlista challenge (read more here). i washed like normal with aveeno nourish + moisture shampoo and conditioner and then i just let my hair air dry. once it was dry enough, i combed through it and threw it in a bald-head girl bun and went to bed. the next morning, my hair was full and healthy-looking with a nice little wave to it. i think this is the thing for me to do until my hair quits me and is like "nope, not gonna get away with that any more, lazy girl".

the no heat thing isnt part of the challenge but i wanna do it if im going to start running in the mornings. i sweat way too much in my head to make flat ironing worth the time and damage to my hair.

what's your current hair plan?

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