i dont believe in that

Thursday, January 7, 2010
i dont believe in new year's resolutions. i find that stupid. try to be better for the sake of being better, not because the digit(s) on the end of the date change(s). count yourself blessed to see another year and leave it at that.

with that said, this idea to change happens to just coincide with the fact that we've started another year/decade. it's not like im super shy with my make up choices right now (i have every color shadow in the rainbow and then some) but i want to be less safe/more bold on more regular basis. i try to keep it slightly muted for seeing clients and going to class and stuff but on MY time, i want to go a little more crazy. my goal is to do more looks that are not just for fun in the house. i want to actually go out with some stuff i do. for example, i had this look for literally 5 minutes and with the effort it took to take it off, i should have at least scared/entertained some small children with it:

this was my "video phone (remix) impersonation of beyonce. i put this on just to take the pic and entertain some friends on twitter but i really wouldnt mind going out to some random club like this. so yea, my goal is to go a little less safe with my make up. and now that i think about it, this look is kinda boring so why didnt i go out like this? i was underwhelmed seeing bey in that video not because of the video concept itself but also because the make up art was BLAND. im all for minimalist but not if ur doing a video, fashion spread, or perfomance where anything goes.

3 thought(s):

Product Junkie Diva said...

good job right down to the side bang!

Phyllis Bourne said...

Fab job - especially the eyes!!!!

I love to BUY make-up. Rarely wear it. Mostly just mascara and BB lip gloss.

Don said...

you are definitely rocking the eyes found in pretty much all of Sasha Fierce's pics.