Thursday, January 28, 2010
sometimes titles matter. how many times have you been like "what's the name of that song that goes..." because you needed to know the title so you could download it? or, for my the office watchers, how important is the distinction between "assistant general manager" and "assitant TO THE general manager"? my brother is the latter but i asked him to introduce himself as the former and he told me everyone just have him side-eye and shook their heads then moved on.

so the dude ive been referring to as "non-boyfriend". i dont know how i feel about that title anymore. we were on the phone and i was getting off to put in some job applications and then go to bed and he was like "oh, so you 'bout to call one of your other boyfriends?" im sure he meant nothing by it but i, of course, said "i dont have any boyfriend". so he paused and was like "your other man?" aren't those the same thing? and who/which does he think he is? im clueless, so was this some benign joke and im thinking too much about it?

i dont have any acceptable alternatives so he will have to continue being non-bf.

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Product Junkie Diva said...

I think that was just a ploy. He wanted you to say "you're my only bf because he needed to know one of two things (or both)
1) He wanted you to let him know that you consider him to be your bf instead of just some non bf. He probably feels like he is on non bf status.
2) He wanted to see if you two are exclusive.
Just my two cents.