why dont i make this "love" week

Tuesday, January 26, 2010
im using the term loosly, like how musiq referred to people using it in "love". i started off talking about non-bf so i'll just go ahead and continue the trend of interpersonal relationship talk.

so i have this non-bf character in my life which is much different from last year because i didnt have anyone. in 08, i was talking to that old man and he had to work valentine's night and plus we had just met the week before. i ended up just going to the bar at applebee's and meeting some dude and going to shoot pool with him and that was my valentine's 08. 09, i went to mac and got a makeover as part of their hello kitty release party and went to the movies with my girl. i dont feel like trying to recall all my v-days past but let's suffice it to say that they ALL sucked.

when i was completely commitment free, i'd say stuff like "i dont believe in valentine's day". i'd feel like a poser just because i have someone who could be my valentine (assuming he doesnt go anywhere before the 14th) if i said i wanted to celebrate. luckily, i dont really want to celebrate. i dont want anything and i dont have $ to give anything. this year, the dumb day falls on a sunday and most likely, non-bf will have his daughter that weekend.

im sure he'll be down for the cause if i were to tell him im not into v-day. based on how he is, i dont see him being too into it himself (or he'd pretend he's not). my thing is how will it look to the parents. im not too concerned about his mom because i dont think she'd care but it's my parents who think they have rights to my relationship. my mom took issue with the fact that he didnt get me anything for christmas when 1. we'd known each other about 3 weeks at that point 2. i had nothing to give in return 3. we discussed it and said we werent doing christmas 4. he didnt get his own momma and sister anything just something for his daughter wtf he look like getting me anything?

i can hear them now talkin' 'bout "how come he didnt bring anything over here on valentines day?" or if i do get to see him "how come he didnt come pick you up?" answers: because we dont celebrate that bullshit day and you bought me this car and imma fuckin ride it til the wheels fall OFF!

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T said...

Yes! Love week! I don't really have anything to say, but you know I'm reading. :)