im getting a face lift

Thursday, January 21, 2010
i never gave a hell about anti-aging concoctions. still wont spend my $ on them. my parents could pass for being in their late 30's or 40's but theyre close to 60. im good. kids at my internship site already think im like 18. im good. but i got this moisturizer as part of my prize pack from the lancome blog.

lately, i have not been a fan of moisturizers with SPF although it's essential given my skin's special needs right now. this is lighter on the SPF in comparison to what i'd been using: SPF15 vs. SPF30 and 45. it has a subtle fragrancethat doesnt irritate my sensitive skin. normally, i avoid putting any scented lotions on my face but this, again, isnt a problem. the jar will have you thinking the product is white but it's really pink. i dont know exactly what it's doing to my face but i like the way it feels on my skin. according to the lancome site:
After 4 weeks see the repositioning effect: lifted brows, firmed cheeks, tightened jawline. Face visibly recovers its natural contours and looks years younger.
are you in the market for an antiaging cream? do you already use one?

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Phyllis Bourne said...

Lift cream is a fabulous idea!

Everyone always seems to worry about wrinkles. So did I when I was younger.

It's the SAG that gets you - not wrinkles.

Black may not crack, but it dang sure sags!

T said...

nope, I still use acne wash and moisturizer. LOL! I actually just realized that that's probably what's been giving me adult acne. The regimen uses products that are TOO strong.

P.S. I don't have pizza-face-I-need-Proactiv acne, just one pimple on some place on my face at all times (until I stopped using the acne wash last week).

antithesis said...

i was doing the same thing before seeing a dermatologist. the meds help but i put more weight on the cleanser. ive run out of cetaphil and im using the harsher stuff i had b4 instead of throwing it away and im having a few tiny pimples that i didnt have when i was doing the topical meds and cetaphil.

antithesis said...
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Product Junkie Diva said...

HAHAHAHAH @ the end of Phyllis' comment.
I heard that if you use anti aging things prematurely it can really mess you up... who knows....
SPF can make some lotions suck but its better to have it than to go without it.