peek in my closet: just another day

Monday, January 18, 2010
here's a look at what i wore last week. yes, i wore leggings #dontjudgeme

denim swing jacket- $18 on clearance from macy's
navy tunic- forever21
grey hue leggings- gift from mom from macy's *highly recommended b/c they are thicker than most leggings
brown xappeal flat boots- rack room shoes

7 thought(s):

Don said...

Leggings and legs look nice, Ashley. Why did you hit us up with #don'tjudgeme


I like the style of leggings and boots on a woman.

antithesis said...

don- lol! for real for real, 1. leggings arent pants and 2. im a believer that everyone should not wear leggings. for instance, there was one plus sized chick in the 30+ club who decided that metallic leggings were the thing to do. i assure u, and my friends concur, that it was NOT.

Don said...

Leave that woman alone, that isn't you to be wildin' out on jokes about people. You are a young scholar....

Wait, is that a Target bag being substituted for a trash bag in the second pic? LOL!

I tried to read your (ahem) non-boyfriend series, but I couldn't. Don't ask me why.

antithesis said...

i have to ask why you cant read the non-boyfriend stuff. and yes, it is a target bag as a trashcan liner! i recycle.

Phyllis Bourne said...

That look is really cute on you. Don's right, it looks good w/the boots.

antithesis said...

thanks, phyllis!

Product Junkie Diva said...

JUst read the line of comments, I thought everyone lined their cans with bags- that's what I do. And I think we have the same trash can #justsaying.
cute boots! and lol @dontjudgeme