i got it figured out

Tuesday, January 5, 2010
i like kids for a little while and then i want them to go back with their owners. sometimes im like "i'd like a baby boy" and others im like "kids? i have no interest in that". i have my solution: imma get divorced. that way, i legally get my kids every other weekend. i think i may be able to skip the whole getting married thing because i think in dc you can just take your baby daddy to court and legally establish visitation rights but i wonder about that because most courts would prefer the child to be w/ the mother, i think. idk. i think the divorce plan is cool b/c i dont actually want to be married but the ceremony, reception, and honeymoon sound like so much fun. that way, i get the festivities AND get the amount of kid time i want. isnt that one of the most ignorant and selfish things you have ever heard? there are worse things. i assure you, people have done worse...

2 thought(s):

love.akihsoy said...

LOL, I feel the exact same way! You are not alone!

Product Junkie Diva said...

LOL you're already planning the divorce and visitation for the kids..lol lol lol.
It seems like moms usually get the kids in court cases.... #Imjustsaying..lol