just dance for wii

Tuesday, January 19, 2010
so that song that peter (family guy) goes OFF on, surfin bird, is on the video game my niece just got. i went in on that song and that's how i spent my "day on, not a day off". what did you do? hopefully something more constructive than me.

4 thought(s):

Don said...


I did some things that MLK wouldn't have been proud of. I guess we all looked at yesterday as if it was still weekend celebration.

Can you believe I have never watched The Family Guy? Whenever I hear people talk about i or bloggers post videos I feel left out. Like I'm missing something.

antithesis said...

don-!!!!!! i never understood ppl who have never seen it. i disagree with ppl who have watched it once and dont like it/didnt get into it, but to not have even watched? shame.

Don said...

I always thought it was like The Simpsons or something. Don't trip, I haven't watched too much of The Boondocks either. LOL! And I know that cartoon is the bomb.

T said...

I'm late, but I didn't do anything. I got up, took a shower and put on some new pajamas. I spent the day "dreaming."